BRI Pharma developed novel technologies to define the risk or prodromal dementia using blood. BRI Pharma also has three drug seeds to prevent progression of dementia from prodromal state.


The drugs prevent accumulation of misfolding proteins accounting Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lewy body diseases


The novel diagnosis technologies support the healthy aging in brain functions for long-life in human

Novelty and benefits of B-refine (Diagnoisis technology)

  • Single biomarker can predict dementia risk
  • Scoring of brain inflammation using two biomarkers
  • Simple blood test without MRI/PET imaging
  • Low cost performance compared to MRI/PET Imaging
  • Novelty and Superiority of BRI-301

  • Degradation of amyloid plaques by proteasome activation
  • Degradation of a-Synulclein fibrils in DLB mouse model
  • Promotion of neurogenesis by calcium channel activation
  • Wide safety margin and good brain penetration
  • Improves AD, PD, DLB-related dementia and dystonia
  • Novelty and Superiority of BRI-101

  • BRI-101(FABP3 inhibitor)inhibits uptake and aggregation of a-synuclein in dopamine neurons
  • BRI-601(FABP7 inhibitor)inhibits a-synuclein aggregation in oligodendroglial cells
  • Wide safety margin and good brain penetration
  • Prevention of progression of PD, DLB and Multiple system atrophy